Back In Balance GSO

Helping You Find Your Balance


Sharon has remarkable hands - strong, yet sensitive to the muscle’s responses. She was able to get deep into muscle areas to release knots and tension that were difficult for other therapists I have worked with to access. I also notice how she had excellent sense of when and how long to apply pressure and when to release and soothe the muscle, so it relaxed. I highly recommend her!  Kelly M.


Sharon is great. She intuitively knew which areas needed more focus & then adjusted the pressure perfectly without me even saying anything. She’s attentive, it makes for a very relaxing and effective massage. That plus the hot towels, essential oils, etc. made the whole experience very rejuvenating. I am planning to get a massage here regularly to help reduce my low back pain I am experiencing from some arthritis and muscle tension. Anonymous


I was completely relaxed…one of the best healing experiences that I’ve ever had…a truly amazing healer. Nikki M.


Sharon is a magician with her hands. She really knows how to work out the stiff muscles. She is a professional and wholeheartedly recommend her. Anonymous


Sharon really listens to my complaints of problem areas and uses a combination of skills to relax my muscles (massage, hot stones). She is a superb therapist. Tracey P.

I have been seeing Sharon monthly for about a year now. She is one of the best therapists I can find in Greensboro. Her personality is great and she's fun to talk with. Also, she has created a serene environment that is relaxing the minute you walk in the door. A to Zen highly recommended her and I can clearly see why. Justin M.